⇡⇡⇡ Mižu’s Magic Kombucha Pop-up ⇡⇡⇡


Performative kombucha stall for scobies, dogs, and humans. Pop-pop-pump-pump-pop-pop-pump-pup.

2 Nov Thu 21:00 CEST

4 Nov Sat 23:00 CEST

Did you know that ‘scoby’ doesn’t stand only for Scooby Doo (as one would think) but also for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”. This means that the kombucha scoby mushroom is actually not mushroom…hmmm. In any case, Mižu has been doing some experimental brews and some of them are literally popping. Come around to taste & play to the Mižu’s magic kombucha pop-up. Bring your dogs too and see if they love the vegan replacement of dried pig ears – the dried scoby.

In any case, Pop-pop-pump-pump-pop-pop-pump-pup.

Michal Mitro

Michal Mitro is an artist and a researcher working across the field of disciplines and media. Trained in Psychology and Sociology, he focuses on the nuances of everyday life as well as hyperobjects of planetary scale. In his artistic practice he translates his sociological imagination into crafted sculptural environments with elements of sound, light or electricity. Themes that he gravitates towards explore relationships between human and more-than-human worlds and the supposed friction between natural and artificial. Mitro proposes narratives both affirming and disturbing in order to shape viable futures one may like to inhabit.