How to D(A)O Ocean Resilience

WORKSHOP by Michal Kučerák

A workshop exploring the connections between the Ocean and DAOWO ecosystems.

4 Nov Sat 18:00 CEST

4 Nov Sat 19:30 CEST

The ocean, similar to blockchain, thrives on interconnectivity. Over generations, people have exchanged captivating myths about oceans and their creatures, igniting respect, fear, and fascination. Today, in the age of planetary extractivism, we seek narratives that embrace both the mythical and the computational.

During this session, we will delve into the blockchain-related concept of DAOWO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization With Others), as envisioned by Rob Myers in 2015: incorporating more-than-human actors that entwine magical thinking, post-extractivism, resilience, and collectivity.

Our co-creative practice will be imaginative and hands-on; unveiling a diversity of conceptual frameworks, worldbuilding perspectives and value systems, instead of resorting to mere more-than-human techno-utopia.

Michal Kučerák

Michal Kučerák is a researcher, lecturer, and curator with a particular emphasis on art mediation and digital projects. Presently, he is actively engaged with a contemporary art foundation TBA21, where he contributes to their digital team, specializing in digital research and projects, specifically (TBA21–Academy). Additionally, he is pursuing his PhD studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Technology in Brno. Michal initiated a research exhibition project called #DATAMAZE (DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, 2018-2022), which revolves around enhancing digital and data literacy through the medium of contemporary art and design. He co-organizes Uroboros festival focused on socially engaged design and artistic practice. You can find him in his studio at Petrohradská kolektiv (Prague, CZ).