Liquid Dreams

INSTALLATION by Annika Kappner

An immersive and participatory multidisciplinary project presenting critical and poetic perspectives on human relationship with artificial intelligence (Al) and its connection to the mineral kingdom.

2 Nov Thu 18:00 CEST

4 Nov Sat 22:00 CEST

The immersive sensory installation LIQUID DREAMS invites participants to embark on a holistic journey that explores meeting points of human and mineral intelligence and speculates on their shared history.

Participants of LIQUID DREAMS are invited to become part of the mineral kingdom.

Like algorithms, humans are trained with a flow of images and sensory impressions about their relationship with minerals. LIQUID DREAMS uses analoque bodies as a medium to search for non-binary alternatives to dominant Western ways of perceiving the worlds and explores related uses of Al.

By exploring multispecies ecofeminism, technopaganism and embodied knowledge, the installation provokes different ways of feeling and sensing, inviting participants to grow new connections with and care for the self and the other – machine, human, animal, plant, and mineral.

LIQUID DREAMS has been presented as a solo exhibition at TETEM (2023), through community events at V2_Lab for Unstable Media (2023/24) and as a guided meditation online. Soundworld with Eric Maltz.

Audio Meditation available online here.

Annika Kappner

Annika Kappner (b. Berlin, 1980) is an Amsterdam-based visual artist and researcher. Within the expanded field of painting, Kappner creates sensory scenographies that combine landscape, installation, performance, guided meditation, scent and sound to generate glitches in perception.

Kappner's multidisciplinary practice explores the interconnected evolution of consciousness and archetypal imagery, as well as its reflection on the shifting perception of (self) image and The Other. The artist's research approach is participatory and collaborative, intertwining rational analysis and her own background in finance with embodied experience and intuition.

Her work layers experiential perspectives unto the relationship between human, nature and technology, and addresses concepts of non-duality and otherness, to encourage the emancipation of our way of sensing our surroundings.

Kappner's ongoing and ever-evolving research project Deep Planetary Sensing has been in development since 2019. She is a co-founder of the artist collective Elephants & Volcanoes. Selected exhibitions include: Bienal Internacional de Arte Amaz6nico (PE), Het Nieuwe lnstituut (NL), IMPAKT {NL}, Julidans (NL), Marres House for Contemporary Art Maastricht (NL), MBOT, St. Louis (US), National Museum of Natural History, Menton (FR) and Rush Arts Gallery, New York (US).