šumařˇˇˇobelisk // live

LIVE MUSIC by šumařˇˇˇobelisk

A collaborative improvised live set by two prominent figures of the Czech experimental scene Jan Kašpar & Luboš Svoboda.

3 Nov Fri 22:00 CEST

3 Nov Fri 23:00 CEST


šumařˇˇˇobelisk // Jan Kašpar & Luboš Svoboda.

Jan Kašpar, also known for his work in the project Sítě and various other collaborations, employs processed guitar sound and granular synthesis to create dreamy power ambient textures. Luboš Svoboda is a poet, editor-in-chief of the contemporary poetry platform Psí Víno, and a musician who performs under the name šumařˇˇˇ. His musical and poetic work is characterized by radical approaches to form.