That’s how it Smells 0 0 255

PERFORMANCE by Jana Bernartová

What does the digital world smell like?

A drop of clear liquid sticks to your skin, combines with your ph, fills your nostrils, and creates a blue olfactory filter of seeing and experiencing the world. Especially the digital.

2 Nov Thu 21:00 CEST

2 Nov Thu 21:30 CEST

A performer offers you an experience. The experience of smelling blue. Digital blue 0 0 255 rgb.

What does the digital world smell like? Your digital imagination will allow you to be present and maybe even wake up in some kind of a near future.

The clear liquid perfume created by the author allows an unusual experience: To associate colour – digital colour, 0 0 255 rgb colour – with smell. To tickle your sense of smell, awaken your digital imagination, and perceive the environment differently.

Based on your personal perception of the ‘blue’ perfume, you can adjust your view of the local environment, both real and digital. This personal experience mediated mainly through language – as many experiences are – is perhaps more closely related to data, zeros and ones, rather than to the visuality of the environment itself.

Let’s try to feel what a digital blue color smells like.

The author searches for an edge between the ordinary and the unseen, between the beautiful and the unpleasant.

Jana Bernartová

The visual artist Jana Bernartová (1983) passed through a number of “media” studios in the course of her studies. Her university education commenced at the Faculty of Art and Architecture in the Technical University at Liberec, in Stanislav Zippe’s Studio of Visual Communication – Digital Media. She completed her Master’s Degree in Václav Stratil’s Intermedia Studio at Brno’s FAVU, and her doctorate in Federico Díaz’s Supermedia Studio at UMPRUM in Prague. Her time spent at the university in Liberec was in many ways defining: it provided her with a background of working with the most modern technologies, and a knowledge of their potentialities and limits. The deficiency in the digital image; the tension between the virtual world and lived reality, between data and their material outputs: these represent the core themes of her work hitherto. Jana Bernartová makes her appearance in the contemporary art world not only as artist but equally as a teacher and curator. Since 2016 she has organised the international festival Art Week Liberec. She is Pro-Rector for Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.