Join the artists showcasing their work at Uroboros 2023 for a feral tour around the festival exhibition.

2 Nov Thu 21:30 CEST

2 Nov Thu 00:00 CEST

This drifty tour around the festival exhibition led by Uroboros 2023 artists and curators invites you to explore feral data curiosities, contemplate mineral intelligence, trip over Mountain Dew parasitic flowers, witness emerging untropomorfic figures and many more feral & synthetic creatures.

Kombucha will be popping throughout.

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Darina Alster & Jan Matýsek

Darina Alster is an intermedia artist, performer and techno-wizard. She works with new forms of performance with staged elements, costumes and site specific situational scenography. The themes of the performances range from personal mystical-bodily experiences of temporality and powerful emotions to highly engaged commentaries on globally shared aspects of contemporary world, often silenced or tabooed. She works with the tension between apparent rationality of contemporary technologies and the irrationality of archaic media such as astrology and tarot, myths and fairy tales, and other kinds of religious and secular archetypes. Often she deals with archives of personal and social and institutional memory or the memory of specific place, which she perceives in personal and political contexts. She addresses social themes through personal bodily experience, which, when grasped as a generational testimony, takes on social and critical overlaps. The personal thus becomes political. Since 2016, she cares of the Mothers Artlovers collective, and since 2019, together with Kateřina Olivová, she has been the head of the New Media Studio 2 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Jan Matýsek (1994) is a visual artist and set designer. He creates his own stories and myths from external and internal sensations and explains the phenomena between heaven and earth through their associations and causality. He combines the themes of transhumanism, ecofeminism and corporeality with the psychotherapeutic means of hypnosis and incantation. He creates mostly videos with an emphasis on the imagery of the unconscious. He sets the videos in video installations - imaginal, ritual spaces and through direct communication with the audience he mediates their transformation or transcendence on an inner level. He is inspired by shamanic practices of initiation, initiation and awareness of the hidden. He has studied at the feminist New Media Studio 2 at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the studio of scenography at the JAMU in Brno and an internship at the experimental film studio at the UdK in Berlin. He worked as a curator at Umakart gallery in Brno. Since February 2023 he has been working as an assistant professor at the New Media 2 studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Enrique Encinas

Enrique Encinas (they/he) is a design researcher exploring the patterns and textures formed by (other than) + humans and technologies through creative, critical and collaborative practices. He works as Associate Professor in Interaction Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). They have co-lead projects involving governmental, artistic and educational institutions such as the European Union Policy Lab, the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB) or SpeculativeEDU.

Ester Grohová / expandcollapse

Ester Grohová (ona/její) aka expandcollapse má za sebou klasické hudební vzdělání a je absolventkou CAS FAMU. V rámci své producentské identity se pohybuje na pomezí ambientu a experimentu, čerpá z nasbíraných field recordings a vrstevnaté zvukové koláže obohacuje zpěvem či jemnými tóny klarinetu a dalších nástrojů. Vytváří tak fantaskní utopické světy na hranici intimního vyprávění beze slov. Těžištěm její tvorby jsou v současné době témata kolektivní péče a propojení, utopie, eskapismus, intersekcionální feminismus a mezidruhová komunikace. Ke zhmotnění těchto myšlenek a emocí užívá nejčastěji formu performance, videa či hudební kompozice.

Erik Peters

Erik Peters (he/they) is an interdisciplinary artist and designer engaging with the worldbuilding potentialities seeded in the act of storytelling, uncovering how speculative fiction can germinate new universes of being. Their research-based and collaborative practice is situated in an interdependent web of ecologies and technologies, human and non-human beings. Within their work, queer methodologies are evoked to create multidisciplinary scenarios about possible futures; imaginative worlds staged as spatial and interactive installations, workshops, publications and audiovisual works. They frequently work with materials and techniques such as generative artificial intelligence, ceramics, 3d printing and 3d scanning methods. Erik holds a BA in Crossmedia Design from AKI ArtEZ in Enschede, as well as having studied Design for Art Direction at the London College of Communication.

Jakub Tajovský

Jakub Tajovský is a Phd candidate at FaVU BUT, where he researches the "design" of painting. At the same time, he focuses on painting as a set of specific material practices. In a historical perspective, not only painting styles and techniques change, but also the entire material-craft/industrial complex. Jakub use various custom materials and instruments in his artistic research which are designed to decentralize the human in the nature-human-culture relationship.

Jana Bernartová

The visual artist Jana Bernartová (1983) passed through a number of “media” studios in the course of her studies. Her university education commenced at the Faculty of Art and Architecture in the Technical University at Liberec, in Stanislav Zippe’s Studio of Visual Communication – Digital Media. She completed her Master’s Degree in Václav Stratil’s Intermedia Studio at Brno’s FAVU, and her doctorate in Federico Díaz’s Supermedia Studio at UMPRUM in Prague. Her time spent at the university in Liberec was in many ways defining: it provided her with a background of working with the most modern technologies, and a knowledge of their potentialities and limits. The deficiency in the digital image; the tension between the virtual world and lived reality, between data and their material outputs: these represent the core themes of her work hitherto. Jana Bernartová makes her appearance in the contemporary art world not only as artist but equally as a teacher and curator. Since 2016 she has organised the international festival Art Week Liberec. She is Pro-Rector for Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Jaz Hee-jeong Choi

Jaz Hee-jeong Choi is an Associate Professor in Civic Interaction Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Their transdisciplinary research and practice situate ‘care’ at the core of transformational encounters in different settings ranging from cities as complex cyberphysical networks to forests as moving creatures. They build on this to explore how radical transformation can materialise care-fully through creative-critical engagements. Their current research, practice, and engagement focus on the dynamics of creative practice as feral care.

Lenka Hámošová

Lenka Hámošová is a visual artist and researcher focusing on synthetic media and the use of artificial intelligence in artistic practice. As part of her PhD at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague, she is specifically interested in the collective perspectives of human-AI co-creation and experimentation with participatory approach for AI-assisted media synthesis. She also explores ways of interdisciplinary collaboration in her educational and research activities related to the activities of the Uroboros collective (Uroboros Festival), of which she is a co-founder. 

She graduated from the Master’s programme in Design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. She has initiated creative AI meet-ups in Prague, designed an educational set of brainstorming AI/ML cards Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality and is starting teaching her own course on AI in artistic practice at Centre for Audiovisual Arts at FAMU Prague. In the past she has taught at various visual arts programmes such as MA Future Design at Prague City University and Digital Arts at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Lenka Vořechovská

Lenka Vořechovská (she/her) works within the field of dance and choreography, with a focus on performance, dramaturgy, and sharing/facilitating. She is currently finishing her BA studies at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. Her work is centered around exploring the connection between nature and culture, spiritual below the surface links to one another. She is part of an art group Alicaminar & col. and has ties to Berlin and Czech Republic, while being based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kateřina Jagla

Kateřina Jagla (ona, její) je cellistka a hudební mentorka. Hudební vzdělání získala na brněnské JAMU a od roku 2019 začala s improvizací a vlastní tvorbou. Miluje experiment, práci s looperem a (když se nikdo nedívá) s vlastním hlasem.

Markéta Dolejšová

Markéta Dolejšová is a design researcher and curator experimenting with feral, relational ways of knowing and doing, often in multispecies settings. She is currently affiliated as a postdoctoral research fellow at Aalto University – School of Arts, Design and Architecture (FI) where she helps to sprout a practice-based inquiry into more-than-human epistemologies and data (Open Forest) and teaches experimental design research. Previously, she worked with the CreaTures – Creative Practices for Transformational Futures EU project (2020-22) where she led the Laboratory of experimental artistic productions. Markéta has co-founded several art-design research initiatives including the Uroboros festival, the Open Forest Collective, the Feeding Food Futures network, and the Fermentation GutHub.

Michal Kučerák

Michal Kučerák is a researcher, lecturer, and curator with a particular emphasis on art mediation and digital projects. Presently, he is actively engaged with a contemporary art foundation TBA21, where he contributes to their digital team, specializing in digital research and projects, specifically (TBA21–Academy). Additionally, he is pursuing his PhD studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Technology in Brno. Michal initiated a research exhibition project called #DATAMAZE (DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, 2018-2022), which revolves around enhancing digital and data literacy through the medium of contemporary art and design. He co-organizes Uroboros festival focused on socially engaged design and artistic practice. You can find him in his studio at Petrohradská kolektiv (Prague, CZ).

Michal Mitro

Michal Mitro is an artist and a researcher working across the field of disciplines and media. Trained in Psychology and Sociology, he focuses on the nuances of everyday life as well as hyperobjects of planetary scale. In his artistic practice he translates his sociological imagination into crafted sculptural environments with elements of sound, light or electricity. Themes that he gravitates towards explore relationships between human and more-than-human worlds and the supposed friction between natural and artificial. Mitro proposes narratives both affirming and disturbing in order to shape viable futures one may like to inhabit.

Open Forest Collective

Open Forest Collective is a multi-disciplinary, multi-species group of creative practitioners and researchers experimenting with feral approaches to engaging with forests and forest data. The Collective's creative activities – experimental walking, drifting, storytelling, and co-creation of feral forest datasets – bring together scientists, artists, citizens, policymakers, Indigenous forest guardians as well as dogs and trees in experiential exchange of their diverse forest experiences and knowledge. The work is distributed across different locations, including (what is known today as) Finland, Australia, the Czech Republic, and Colombia. Current members of the Collective include Andrea Botero, Markéta Dolejšová, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi and Chewie.

S†ëfan Schäfer (Let Death Dance Again)

S†ëfan Schäfer is an Amsterdam-based designer and researcher investigating the power of death and commemorative ritual in relation to environmental devastation. All projects result in various media and are declared D.E.A.D. (Death. Environment. Anthropocene. Design). They have been internationally exhibited and are close collaborations with people and institutions of different fields: for instance anthropology, poetry, music, film, hacking, dance, theatre, music-theatre, funeral industry, green funeral activism.